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Dark Moon 'zine is underground metal publication which was born in 1993.
I created these pages to give info of the past... and future.
Dark Moon is and will be a printed 'zine!

The complete list of interviews featured in Dark Moon 'zine in the history section.
If you want something from these pages, just take it...


the 16th February 2010
Dark Moon 'zine issue 10 published
Special offer for #10 + MCD package, check details on #10 page

the 19th May 2009
Issue 10 ... updated

SMAGA "My Lands" MCD is still available!

the 6th April 2008
New website launched!

the 30th January 2008
New Dark Moon Productions release: SMAGA "My Lands" MCD
Available ... NOW! Further details on DM Productions' page

the 22nd September 2007
Issue 9 SOLD OUT from the headquarters!

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