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(Updated on the 25th February 2010)

40 A4 pages in English

Lay-out the same old Dark Moon–style, clear and simple

No reviews, interviews with…

Acheron (USA)
Behexen (FIN)
Black Flame (ITA)
Black Witchery (USA)
Denial of God (DEN)
Funeral Winds (HOL)
Graveland (POL) – years 1990-1995
IC Rex (FIN)
Impetigo (USA) – in-depth interview dealing with the whole career
Necromantia (GRE)
Smaga (RUS)
Temnozor (RUS)

Price: 5 euros including postage within EU!
Outside Europe, ask for price and delivery options

(Payment options: direct bank transfer within EU, PayPal, cash in letter)

Ordering inquiries at info [at]

Special offer: Ordered together with Dark Moon #10, Smaga "My Lands" MCD
only 1 euro including postage


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